Seoul, South Korea

정식당은 서울과 뉴욕을 기반으로 현대적이고 독창적인 새로운 한식을 선보이고 있습니다. 임정식 셰프는 전통한식의 친숙한 한식재료를 이용하여 획기적으로 재탄생시킨 뉴코리안(New Korean)이라는 새로운 장르를 만들었습니다. 뉴코리안 파인다이닝(New Korean Fine Dining)은 한국과 더불어 파인다이닝 업계의 메카인 뉴욕에서도 사랑받는 새로운 음식 문화입니다.

Jungsik is a two-Michelin starred restaurant in Seoul and New York, serving contemporary, creative Korean Cuisine. Owner Chef Jungsik Yim reinvents Korean cuisine using traditional and familiar ingredients, creating a brand-new genre of food: New Korean Fine Dining.

Sea Urchin 海膽拌飯 비빔밥.jpg


Korea's star chef brings molecular mastery to the capital

What makes it stand out: Jungsik is New Hansik with flair. The restaurant combines Korean culinary techniques with those from all over the world, adding in local, seasonal ingredients and flavours.


About the chef: Jungsik Yim trained at Aquavit and Bouley in New York and at Zuberoa and Akelarre in Spain, before returning to Seoul in 2009 to open his eponymous restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, the heart of Korean luxury and style. He is credited for introducing New Korean cuisine to his home country.


Typical dishes: The amuse bouche here is quite unique. It reinterprets Korean banchan (side dishes served with plain rice) with five to six finger foods. While expressing Korea's rice or bap culture, it enhances the diner's expectations of the coming meal. Main dishes include hoedeopbap or rice topped with fresh raw fish, and sea urchin bibimbap made with rice mixed with popped millet and dried laver, topped with a generous serving of sea urchin. The Bossamdeopbap is made with pork belly and grilled to ‘crispy on the outside, tender on the inside’ perfection.


What else? At Jungsik, the wine pairing stands out as much as the food, led by head sommelier Eunsik Choi, winner of Korea's sommelier competition. On the first floor, guests of Jungsik Bar can enjoy an excellent selection of wine alongside the restaurant’s best-selling dishes à la carte.