Kalleske Wines

The Kalleske Story

In South Australia’s Barossa Valley, the Kalleske family have been farming and growing grapes since 1853 near the village of Greenock. They are one of the region’s leading grape-growing families consistently growing some of the Barossa’s best quality grapes. After six generations of growing grapes, winemaker and seventh generation family member, Troy Kalleske, together with his brother Tony, established the Kalleske winery and made the first ‘Kalleske’ wine. The winery is situated on the family estate where traditional winemaking techniques ensure the vineyard realises its full potential as wine.

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The vineyard is managed by Troy’s and Tony’s parents, John and Lorraine, and brother, Kym. John has over forty years experience tending the vineyard. The 120 acre vineyard is planted to Shiraz, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon, Chenin Blanc, Mataro, Petit Verdot, Durif, Viognier, Tempranillo and Zinfandel. Vines vary in age with the oldest remaining vineyard dating back to 1875 and an overall average vine age of about 50 years. The vineyard is low yielding with grapes grown organically and biodynamically and the winery is also certified biodynamic/organic.

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The Kalleske family are active practitioners of sustainable farming. They are caretakers of the land and not only want to maintain the environment but improve it for future generations.

All Kalleske wines are estate grown and vinified with minimalist winemaking techniques used to fully capture the essence of the vineyard allowing genuine handmade estate wines to be produced. The range is a diverse mix of wines that showcases the splendid Kalleske grapes.

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Since the first wine release in 2004, Kalleske has rapidly gained a reputation for producing top-quality hand crafted wines. Kalleske are committed to continue making genuine estate grown wines of individuality and of vineyard and winemaking excellence.

Wines from Kalleske have been seven generations in the making, but they are certainly worth the wait!

For over 150 years our Kalleske family has been living and working on our Greenock farm. Throughout this time each generation has been vigilant in looking after the property for the next generation by not only preserving but enhancing the natural environment.

Today, genuine sustainability and careful environmental practices continue to be at the core of our Kalleske farming, grapegrowing and winemaking.

Kalleske has been Certified Organic and Biodynamic since 1998

Organic and Biodynamic practices in the vineyard and winery ensure the soil, air and surrounding waterways are not polluted with synthetic chemicals and fertilisers. Organic and biodynamic farming is not only good for the environment but it ensures the grapes produced are more wholesome with vitality and integrity that reflect their origins of our Kalleske vineyard. Farming the vineyard organically and biodynamically is the truly natural way of farming ensuring ultimate sustainability, authenticity and quality.

On 18th November 1838, merchant and miller, Johann Georg Kalleske and his wife Johanne Dorothea, together with their four children landed in the newly established colony of South Australia. They had sailed for many months on the Prince George, from half-way around the world, fleeing religious persecution in their homeland, Prussia.

In 1853 the Kalleske farm was established at Moppa, a small sub-district of Greenock in the North-Western Barossa Valley. Since settlement the Kalleske farm has been a mix of enterprises including vineyard, orchard, sheep, dairy, pigs, cropping, milling and merchanting.

Today, the property continues to be a diverse and thriving mix of vineyards, sheep, cattle, chaff mill and winery. The farm has been in continual family ownership for more than 150 years and is today tended by the sixth and seventh generation of the Kalleske family.

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