Macadamias Australia

Macadamias Australia is a second-generation, family owned and operated agribusiness established in 1957 by the Steinhardt family.

The company maintains 130,000 macadamia trees and promotes best practice and innovation in growing and handling.

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Marketing premium-quality macadamias worldwide – Macadamias Australia supplies macadamia kernel to some of the world’s largest food manufacturers, as well as the snack, bakery, ingredient, retail and confectionary industry sectors.

Macadamias Australia is the only International grower that solely markets 100% of its production – providing its customers with a consistent and reliable supply of premium quality macadamias with full traceability.

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Known for its perfect climate, enriched soil, plentiful water and clean environment – Macadamias Australia plantations are located on the east coast of Australia in Bundaberg Queensland.

In what are ideal conditions, the company harvests 2000 tonne of ‘nut in shell’ of the Australian native each year, and is one of the largest single variety plantations in Australia – providing its customers with uniformity of product.

The Steinhardt family prides itself on its long-term working relationships with existing customers and welcomes overseas buyers to visit Macadamias Australia to see the family's plantation and drying facilities firsthand.

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Macadamias Australia is a division of Steinhardt Corporation.

The family business was founded in 1957 by Ron and Marion Steinhardt when they purchased their first farming property, an unimproved parcel of land and commenced growing a variety of crops including peanuts, corn, cotton, tobacco, sugar cane and vegetables.

One of the strengths of our family business is the speed in which we can make decisions.

We are built on authenticity, strong values and ethics, solidarity, trust and a great respect for each other.

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A close knit family, we have been blessed to follow in the footsteps of our parents and their pioneering spirit, of hard work, wisdom and inspiration. We value the opportunity and privilege to work together for the common good.

Family defines us and our approach to producing quality food products and to our business. Today the family group of companies has two divisions, Macadamias Australia and Farmfresh Fine Foods.