Majans Bhuja

Over five decades ago this family-owned and run business set out on a quest to create the tastiest and healthiest snackfoods anyone could buy.

Along the way we discovered that there is no magic ingredient to success.

It became clear that the only magic comes from mixing together the most dedicated and creative people with the freshest natural ingredients and the finest cooking techniques.

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The result is a range of unique products that not only surprise and delight with their tantalising flavours, but are better for you too.

This is why Majans Snacks are now enjoyed every day across thriving markets in Australia, New Zealand and the Americas; by the world’s most discerning and trend-leading consumers.

Spend a few moments to discover our story. You may not find it as tasty and wholesome as our products, but it will tell you how we came to create them.

And why the magic is in the mix.

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