Barenuts Macadamias

The Barenuts Macadamia Nut Farm is home to husband and wife team Michael Cameron aka Big Barenut and Jodie Cameron aka the Health Nut and their farm family including Rudi the Staffy x Red Cattle Dog who regularly features on the @barenuts_macadamias Instagram, hens (Dolly, Cher & Tiny Tina) aka the Golden Girls because they lay beautiful BIG eggs everyday in often obscure places, two very sweet but very feisty ducks (Thelma and Louise) and 11 Ultra Black bulls who lovvvve their macadamia nuts!

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Like most Queenslanders, Farmer Mick & Farmer JoJo grew up cracking macadamias in their grandparent's backyards so purchasing a macadamia nut farm in Bauple aka 'home' (first originated in Mount Bauple) of the macadamia nut or 'Bopple' nut as the locals like to call a dream come true!

Orchard extraordinaire and born and bred bush boy, Farmer Mick looks after the babies aka all of the trees day-in-day-out, making sure the Barenuts orchard thrives from year to year. With 2,000 mature trees and nursery of 5,000 immature trees currently underway, Farmer Mick has his work cut out for him. In his spare time, he likes beach fishing, photography and tinkering in his shed.

Self-confessed foodie and former city chick, Farmer JoJo is still relatively new to the world of farming having worked in media and communications for the past seven years prior to moving to the farm. In 2014, she took a giant leap of faith and said goodbye to the corporate world to become a macadamia nut farmer and now lovingly creates and hand makes all of the Barenuts products in the commercial kitchen at the farm — using the finest homegrown, local, organic and Australian ingredients to ensure their health-conscious customers enjoy the wonderfully nutritious benefits of Australia's only native nut. Farmer JoJo wears many hats and looks after all things biz-related. In her spare time, she loves to experiment with new recipes and flavours, pilates, yoga and pottering in her veggie garden. 

The Barenuts orchard has trees aged between eight and 30 years' old that are harvested each year from March until November — that's more than six months of hard work but it also means fresh macadamias on tap too! 

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You can also take comfort in the fact that when you buy a Barenuts product, not only are you buying a quality product made fresh at the farm just for you, but a whole lot of love and whole lot of passion has gone into every nut, butter, ball and bite because Farmer JoJo & Farmer Mick love their job! Not only do they get to live on a beautiful farm, but they get to watch these beauties growing bigger every day whilst creating tasty wholesome treats for you....What's not to be happy about!

One last thing, a huge thank you goes to Kate Stark (Journalist, Queensland Country Life) for a lot of the images you will see throughout our website — most of the photo credits belong to this special lady who has some major talent behind the lens!

If you have any questions or just want to say hello...please drop Farmer JoJo & Farmer Mick a line or pop in anytime, they love meeting new people and spreading the macca love and fruits of their labour :) In the meantime, you can follow their social media adventures via @barenuts_macadamias and @mickadamia where you'll see they're not so nutty after all!

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