Bucci Restaurant & Bar


Bucci Restaurant & Bar’s delicious take on modern Italian dining has delighted diners for more than 6 years.  Our menu offers interpretations of classic Italian cuisine with a unique Australian twist incorporating the best local ingredients.  Many dishes are designed to share, so come and enjoy with friends, family and colleagues!

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Dine in the happy, buzzy atmosphere of Bucci in the heart of fashionable James Street. Enjoy the dazzling performance that co-owner and executive chef Shaun Malone and his team put on in the open kitchen. For something more intimate and casual, have a cocktail or two and snacks or a meal in our sexy red & black bar – or drop in for our aperitivo hour and try the bar snacks.

In Italy and at Bucci alike, food and drinks are the best of friends.  You will find a superb selection of Italian and Australian vino and a well-stocked bar where the usual suspects sit happily alongside the best grappa, limoncello & amaro. And why not kick off with an expertly made Negroni?

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For your special event, our elegant Private Dining Room has seating for up to 22 guests. Click our ’Celebrate’ link for more details. Whatever the occasion, our team delights in making every Bucci experience delicious and memorable. Come and see for yourself!

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