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Why We Started Green Common

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Since its inception in 2012, social enterprise Green Monday has been reducing our carbon-footprint one meal at a time by raising awareness of the livestock industry’s towering impact on global warming and changing the F&B landscape in Hong Kong.

Today, at least1.6 million Hong Kongers are practicing some routine of vegetarianism.

The public are starting to realize and exercise the power of their dietary decisions on the planet.

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However, unlike Americans and Europeans that are shifting to Food 2.0, Asia still has a lot of catching up to do.  This is why Green Monday is opening the plant-based concept store – Green Common –to bring Food 2.0 and a revolutionized food mindset to Hong Kong with the mission to make it a norm to eat in a way that is good for ourselves, good for others, and good for the planet.  In other words, we want Green Common to be where common goodbecomes common sense.

The Food 2.0 Revolution


You are what you eat. Food doesn’t only affect your body. It also defines who you are.  In Europe and America, a new breed of supermarkets such as Whole Foods Market and Eataly have arisen, ushering in a reformed philosophy of sourcing, quality control and customer education. Along the same thought process, Green Common decides to take this one step further by opening a 100% plant-based concept store.

The four maxims behind Green Common’s selection process are: sustainable, innovative, wholesome and responsible – which is what Food 2.0 is about. We are introducing “the future of protein” to Hong Kong, made by groundbreaking technology that recreates the texture and taste of meat with plant molecules whilst being nutritiously superior. In addition, Green Common is a one-stop concept: from snacks to fresh produce to staple foods, you will find everything here to satisfy a whole family. We empower you with choices to show how tasty and diverse plant-based dishes can be just as they are nutritious, ecological and fair.

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From Mindful Eating to Mindful Living

Mindfulness is a consistent theme throughout Green Common: from the Climate Change Gallery, to enlightening quotes, stories behind different foods, the sharing zones of recipes, books, reusable shopping bags and free refills of water bottles, every detail seeks to inspire a more holistic mindset towards food. Eating is not simply an act to fill our stomachs. Every meal is an opportunity to learn about the interdependence between us and the ecosystem.

To reinforce the learning experience, Green Common will also hold regular educational events, including Veggie Mom Christine’s cooking classes (a master vegetarian chef who has a large number of fans online), raw food culinary classes and free monthly seminars on food labeling.


 Common Good is a private brand under Green Common in Hong Kong. We source premium food ingredients around the world, e.g. super seed series from countries such as Peru, Chile, Iran and Canada. We tailor-make foods best fit with local lifestyles, for instance our instant food series, Quinoa Turmeric Instant Congee and Red Quinoa with Nuts Soymilk Powder, are made for us to stay healthy while coping with busy schedules. Another hero item of ours is Common Good Juice. It is made with cold pressed technology and successfully brings a delicious, trendy and healthy lifestyle to everyone.

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