Ling Lee

Ling Lee International Limited was established in 2007 by Ms Lee Wai-Ling, a.k.a Ling Ling, a renowned writer and veteran journalist with a mission to promote the philosophy of natural beauty and natural health as well as responsible entrepreneurship.

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Ling Ling firmly believes good deeds give rise to positive, happy hormones which nourish both the skin and spirit, hence bringing about the benefits of a more radiant, youthful visage.

Since the company’s establishment, Ling Ling has been passionately introducing a range of natural beauty products and health foods, in response to her readers’ demand.

With the valued guidance by Dr. CC Lam, the company maintains that most of products are manufactured in Hong Kong to meet the highest safety standards.

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Most of Ling Lee International Limited’s processing and packaging are outsourced to NGOs like Hong Chi Association, YMCA and The Neighbourhood Active-Advice Council, which demonstrates the company’s practices in responsible entrepreneurship.

In 2016, Ling Lee International Limited was awarded the “Caring Company” certificate by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the fifty consecutive years in recognition of its commitment to corporate social responsibility

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