à nu retrouvez-vous

After an extensive two-month makeover, celebrate the reopening and introduction of a new shipyard chic à nu, this is French meaning, “just as it is”. Serving the avant-garde flavors of the most innovative cuisine. we were established in Toyko in 2009 and was awarded Michelin Star for the six consecutive year from 2011 to 2016.

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“just as it is”.

In our day to day lives, we are apt to forget a thing should be “just as it is”. “à nu” – this is the French restaurant for you to remember the taste of food as “just as it is”.

We take a unique and ingenious approach to brought out the best flavor and aroma of food ingredients, “just as it is”.

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The renowned Michelin Starred French restaurant from Tokyo “à nu, retrouvez-vous” together with Tokyo’s famous patisserie été has now opened in Hong Kong.

à nu, retrouvez-vous Hiroo has retained its Michelin star for the sixth consecutive year from 2011 to 2016. Set in the panoramic location at Ocean Terminal extension building within, Harbour City, HK head chef Mr. Yusuke Kitade is now serving the seasonal menu with avant-garde flavors of the most innovative cuisine.

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This is the place to observe the chefs perform their art. Embark on an impressive culinary career in an array of dishes specifically selected by the chefs according to the season and the freshest ingredients from Japan.

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We combine the most exceptional and most selective seasonal ingredients that have been delivered on every single day in extremely intimate quantities. So, our menu and dishes are subject to change according to the seasonality of the ingredients.

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