Daarukhana boasts lofty interiors defined by luxe finishes including brushed metal and gleaming marble, while the kitchen shrugs off convention by using ingredients rarely seen in Indian cooking. You will delighted at pairings of chili honey glazed French langoustines with South Indian beans to fall in love with as well as other culinary innovations.

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Intended for sharing, our adventurous menu has an abundant selection of Not Very Small Plates from pan-seared minced American Duck Shami with fig chutney and smoked papadum, to Baked Sweet Corn with popcorn foam, spicy mint, and coriander butter, to even Modern Dosai with curry leaf, mustard, tempered potato foam and “Podi” masala.

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Main Courses are a heartier affair with impressive dishes like Dum Ke Chaap, lamb chops prepared in the traditional North Indian way — slow-cooked in a rich and clingy gravy seasoned with spicy saffron flavoured sauce.

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A neat Tandoor menu dispels the myth that Indian cuisine is defined by curry. Premium seafood and luxurious cuts of meat, such as the slow cooked Prime Short Ribs and roasted to perfection Norwegian salmon, are served with flavourful homemade condiments that you will want to jar up and take home.

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Outstanding vegetarian dishes, such as roasted Baingan (Augbergine) Cooked Two Ways, are present throughout the impressive menu, ensuring that herbivores and carnivores alike will enjoy an exceptional dining experience at Daarukhana.

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carnivores alike will enjoy an exceptional dining experience at Daarukhana.

The menu is supported by a neat selection of creative sides that range from the Daal of the Day to imaginatively stuffed Kulchas (stuffed baby breads) and Barberry Pulao.

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