Anti Additive Association


Founded in 2013 in the Netherlands, the Anti Additive Association is a non- profit organization dedicated to building a no additive food supply, improving the health of people and the environment by educating and providing resources for consumers and restaurant owners interested in driving change to a more sustainable food system. We believe that everyone deserves an informed choice about whether or not to consume food additives. Working with a collaborative network of technical and communications advisers from all backgrounds and sectors worldwide, we serve as the eyes and ears of consumer to help them make good food choices.


Global Configuration 


The Anti Additive Association is a global network with presence and activities in almost every region. The network is made up of the international organizations around the world which are allowed to use the Anti Additive Association emblem. It also represents all the activities they undertake to better the food supply throughout the world. With its temporary headquarter in Europe and a branch in Italy, these organizations are The Asia Pacific Anti Additive Association, the Anti Additive Association of U.S.A., the Asia Anti Additive Association of Hong Kong, the Taiwan Anti Additive Association. Each has its own individual status and exercises no authority over the others.