One Month with the Anti Additive Association

Before entering this company, I had little to no knowledge of what an additive is, its purpose, and most importantly its effects it has on us on a daily basis. Through some research and reading through articles after another, I have learned a lot, and understand the dangers that food additives do to our body. Not only did I learn about all the bad chemicals that we intake through our food, but also the different way in which one can live healthier.

The daily posts of Instagram photos allowed me to scan through all the different way people (demonstrating through social media) try to avoid eating food additives whilst still enjoying their meals. The many different articles I was able to scan through and read made me realized there are countless things that we do not see or do not know of that is breaking our body everyday. This association’s goal is to promote, facilitate, and support and additive-free food system. Though it may not have effected me completely but, through this short month I was able to have a better understanding of this area and have a different outlook on healthy food — which really is the main objective of this association. For that, I continue to believe in promoting this idea of an additive-free food system, to allow people that don’t understand or even know (like when I entered the company) about additives to be aware of it.

I posted a photo everyday onto the Instagram page forAnti Additive Association page.
Most photos are inspirations I found while looking through additive-free food or people that
strive for a better and healthier lifestyle, even include one that I personally took myself while eating at an additive free restaurant. It demonstrates through some understanding, the effect that this “additive-free” thought can have on someone (myself) through a short period of time.
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By Isabella Chu 

Anti Additive Association