23 February 2017


Inaugural International Anti-Additive Awards announces its Asia Pacific winners

22 February, Sydney Australia: The Anti-Additive Association hosted its 2016 award ceremony in Australia, honouring businesses that promote and produce wholesome additive-free food in the Asia Pacific region.

The awards honoured many Australian restaurants and small businesses for their dedication to producing additive-free food in their market, including premium dining restaurants such as ARIA, QUAY, 117 Dining, The Intercontinental and Café Sydney and manufacturers such as Noshu, Pure Life Bakery and Spice Vine.

The winners were selected by the International Anti Additive Awards judging panel, which included a selection of Michelin Star Chefs, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Professors and Food Editors within the Asia Pacific region. The panel judged each winner on the presentation, taste, production and the cooking process of the meal or product.

The Anti-Additive Association was pleased to see that many restaurants and businesses in Australia and Asia were already adopting an additive-free approach to their cuisine.

“We were thrilled to be able to distribute so many awards to organisations who are serving high quality, additive-free food in the Asia Pacific region.  

The Anti-Additive Association’s purpose is to educate businesses and the public in regards to the benefits of living an additive-free lifestyle, so to see such as large portion of premium dining destinations and businesses adopting this type of cooking, is a great achievement,” said A.A. Spokesperson.

The awards and their winners were as follows:

Special Jury Award

The Special Jury Award recognised restaurants who have made a significant contribution to enriching and educating customers on a healthier food system, through serving high quality food.

The winners included:

·         Café Sydney

·         117 Dining, The Intercontinental

·         Simple, Natural Kitchen

·         Prime One – Taipei Garden Hotel

·         Attica

·         Twenty 8 Acres

·         Tetsuya’s

·         Aria Restaurant

·         Four in Hand

·         Quay

·         Bishop Sessa

·         Yellow

·         Pasta Emilia

·         Medusa Greek Taverna

·         Bistro Remy, The Langham Hotel

·         The Dining Room, The Park Hyatt

·         Koroviar

·         Ryunique

·         Kumi

·         Grass Roots Pantry

·         Locofama

·         The Innocent Carvery

·         Tateru Yoshino Bis

·         Tapas Molecular Bar, The Mandarin Oriental

·         Kozue, Park Hyatt Tokyo

·         Kyoto Tsuruya

·         Robins Teppanyaki – The Regent Taipei

·         Yu Sushi, The Taipei Ambassador Hotel

·         Ibuki by Takagi Kazuo, The Shangri La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei

·         Mark’s Teppanaki, The Taipei Marriott Hotel

·         Haruyama, The Grand Mayfull Hotel, Taipei

·         Kouma, The Sherwood Taipei

·         Miyama – The Japanese Restaurant, The Howard Plaza Hotel, Taipei

·         Ya Ge, The Mandarin Oriental, Taipei

·         N168 Prime, The Grand Victoria Hotel


Anti-Additive Tasty Award

The Anti-Additive Tasty Award recognised restaurants and producers who have embraced a food system without additives in Australia and Asia.

The winners included:

·         Handmade Kitchen

·         Nisoro

·         Mikado

·         Doyoubo Industry

·         Tairroir

·         Peng Healthy Jam

·         Yi Ji You

·         Joyspring

·         Heliga

·         Oilicious

·         Honey in Formosa




2016 Best of the Year

The Best of the Year Award recognised businesses and/or producers who have been providing flavourful products in their local market.

The winners included:

·         Noshu

·         Spice Vine

·         Pure Life Bakery

·         Pete’s Travel Pan

·         Hunted+Gathered

·         The Bare Bite

·         Just Rawsome Healthy Treats

·         Healthy Mate Apple Cider Vinegar

·         Agrilife – Organic coconut cooking oil

·         Anything but Salads

·         Hikari Food

·         Maekawa Taste

·         Oshsawa Japan

·         Tsukiboshi Co

·         Youki Food Co

·         Tomura Food Shop

·         Nippon Flour Mills

·         Muso

·         Canyon Spice

·         Hajuku Institute for Health Science

·         Mirakuya

·         Songlim

·         Naebro – Pop rice snack

·         Mina Whole Foods

·         DoiTung


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About the Anti-Additive Association

The Anti-Additive Association is a non-profit organisation founded in the Netherlands, dedicated to promoting, facilitating and supporting an additive-free food system. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in food safety problems. Asian countries generally lack an awareness of the hazardous consequences of consuming artificial food additives. The Anti-Additive Association believes that everyone deserves an informed choice about whether or not to consume food additives, and therefore, the organisation aims to help consumers make healthier and safer food choices.

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