NEW PARTNERSHIP REVEL - Creative Life Foundation

APAA realizes there are numbers of non-profit organizations as we are. We appreciated all the hard working those people did and it's our honor to work with those organizations.


Creative Life Foundation and APAA

In 2013 Tim and Amy Hupe founded the Creative Life Foundation as a direct response to what learned during their first 5 years in Thailand.  They believe in the potential of each person and by creating a safe environment the natural and organic process of healing and growth will occur.

Creative Life Foundation is responding to issues of poverty and migration through education and development. Their development program is creating employment and empowering local leaders. Both are breaking cycles of poverty and exploitation.

Mina, the co-worker of Creative Life Foundation,  is our A.A. Taste Awards winner for 2016 and 2017.  She full fills her faith of kindness to public. Moreover, she turns her enthusiasm into her products which makes the product more valuable.  

APAA believes that we can share more positive thinking and development to the public in Bangkok with Creative Life Foundation.   We are looking forwards to a better future.