傑米•奧利佛 (Jamie Oliver) 的 TED 大奬願望:給予孩童食品教育


💡 I'm not a doctor; I'm a chef, I don't have expensive equipment or medicine. I use information, education.
我不是一名醫生, 我是個廚師, 我沒有昂貴的設備, 或藥品。 我利用資訊和教育拯救生命。

💡 I profoundly believe that the power of food has a primal place in our homes that binds us to the best bits of life. We have an awful, awful reality right now.
我深信食物的力量, 在我們的家庭裡佔有一席之地, 為我們留住生命中的美好。

💡 Any doctor, any specialist will tell you that.Fact: diet-related disease is the biggest killer in the United States, right now, here today. This is a global problem. It's a catastrophe. It's sweeping the world.
任何醫生、專科醫生都會這樣告訴你, 這是千真萬確的事實,與飲食相關的疾病是全美國 最大的殺手,就是現在,今日,在這裡。 這是個全球性的問題, 是個災難, 這個災難正席捲全球。 

💡 I came here to start a food revolution that I so profoundly believe in. We need it. The time is now. We're in a tipping-point moment. I've been doing this for seven years.
我今天在此,要發動一場食物革命, 我對此堅信不已。 我們需要這場革命,刻不容緩, 我們處在一個關鍵的轉折期。 我已經為此持續努力了七年了。

💡 I want to show a picture of my friend Brittany. She's 16 years old. She's got six years to live because of the food that she's eaten. She's the third generation of Americans that hasn't grown up within a food environment where they've been taught to cook at home or in school, or her mom, or her mom's mom. She has six years to live. She's eating her liver to death.
我希望給你們看一張我朋友布列塔尼的照片, 她才 16 歲, 但她只剩六年可活, 全是因為她所吃的食物。 她是第三代的美國人, 一個在沒有妥善飲食的環境下長大的世代, 這個世代從未被教導過如何烹飪,在家沒有,在學校沒有, 他媽媽沒有教他,他祖母也沒有教他。 她只剩六年可活。 她把她的肝臟吃壞了。

💡 Let's start with the Main Street. Fast food has taken over the whole country; we know that. The big brands are some of the most important powers, powerful powers, in this country.
讓我們從大街上看起。 我們知道,速食已經佔據了這整個國家。 有名的速食品牌名列這個國家最有勢力, 最有影響力的名單中,超市也是。 

💡 Supermarkets as well. Big companies. Big companies. Thirty years ago, most of the food was largely local and largely fresh. Now it's largely processed and full of all sorts of additives, extra ingredients, and you know the rest of the story. Portion size is obviously a massive, massive problem. Labeling is a massive problem. The labeling in this country is a disgrace. The industry wants to self-police themselves.What, in this kind of climate? They don't deserve it. How can you say something is low-fat when it's full of so much sugar?
大公司,大品牌。 卅年前,大多數的食物 幾乎仍是區域性的、新鮮的食材。 現在,它們被高度加工,並含有大量食品添加物, 多餘的調味,接下來的發展大家都知道了。 食物的份量顯然是個非常、非常大的問題。 標示也是個大問題, 這個國家食品的標示是個恥辱。 他們想要 ... 他們想要自己球員兼裁判, 食品業想要靠自我把關。 什麼?在這種現況下,他們不配! 你怎麼能說某樣東西是低脂的,但同時它充滿了過量的糖份?

💡 Now, the reality is, the food that your kids get every day is fast food, it's highly processed, there's not enough fresh food in there at all. You know, the amount of additives, E numbers, ingredients you wouldn't believe — there's not enough veggies at all.
現在,現況是 你們的孩子們每天吃的食物是速食, 速食是高度加工的, 並沒有足夠的新鮮食物包含在其中。 你知道的,這些食品添加物的含量、歐盟的 E 編碼、調味料,你不會相信的 ... 蔬菜含量遠遠不夠。

💡 Now, if I came up here, and I wish I could come up here today and hang a cure for AIDS or cancer, you'd be fighting and scrambling to get to me. This, all this bad news, is preventable. That's the good news. It's very, very preventable.
現在,如果我到台上來,我也希望我今天到台上來, 能提出愛滋病或是癌症的解藥, 你們將會爭先恐後的希望能夠認識我。 這些,所有的這些壞消息,是可以被預防的。 這是一個好消息。 這些問題是極度能夠被預防的。 

💡 I truly believe that change will happen.Huntington's Kitchen. I work with a community. I worked in the schools. I found local sustainable fundingto get every single school in the area from the junk, onto the fresh food: six-and-a-half grand per school.
我真的相信這改變將會發生。 亨丁頓廚房(我所參與的節目),在學校裡面工作。我為其找到了當地可維持其運作的資金來源, 讓該地區的每一個學校, 從垃圾食物,轉變到新鮮食物。 每個學校只要六千五百美元。

💡 That's all it takes, six-and-a-half grand per school. The Kitchen is 25 grand a month. Okay? This can do 5,000 people a year, which is 10 percent of their population, and it's people on people. You know, it's local cooks teaching local people. It's free cooking lessons, guys, in the Main Street. This is real, tangible change, real, tangible change. Around America, if we just look back now, there is plenty of wonderful things going on. There is plenty of beautiful things going on. There are angels around America doing great things in schools — farm-to-school set-ups, garden set-ups, education — there are amazing people doing this already. The problem is they all want to roll out what they're doing to the next school, but there's no cash. We need to recognize the experts and the angels quickly, identify them, and allow them to easily find the resource to keep rolling out what they're already doing, and doing well. 
這就是他們所需的,每個學校只要六千五。 我們的廚房一個月有兩萬五的經費,好嗎? 所以它一年可以教導五千個人, 大約是當地人口的十分之一。 而且這是人人相傳下去。 你知道,當地的廚師教導當地的人們。 這是免費的烹任教是,各位,在大街上的免費烹飪教室。 這是真正的,明顯的改變,真正的,明顯的改變。 跑遍全美,如果現在讓我們回過頭來看, 美妙的事情正在發生。 全美各處都有美妙的事情正在發生,全美各地 都有天使在成就一些偉大的事, 在學校內,校內農場, 花園,教育。 已經有一群不可思議的人們在這麼做了。 問題在於儘管他們都希望能將他們所正在做的事情 推廣到下一個學校,然後再下一個。 但是他們沒有錢。 我們必須快速的找到這些專家和天使, 認出他們,並讓他們能夠很容易的找到他們需要的資源, 以能持續推廣他們的所作所為, 並愈做愈好。 

💡 All I can say is: I care. I'm a father, and I love this country. And I believe truly, actually, that if change can be made in this country, beautiful things will happen around the world. If America does it, other people will follow. It's incredibly important.
我所能說的是,身為一個父親,我真的在乎。 我愛這個國家。 事實上,我真正的認為 如果這個國家能夠做出改變, 美妙的事情將會在世界上發生。如果美國這麼做了, 我相信其他人將會效法。 這極端地重要。

💡 My wish is for you to help a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again, and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity.
 我希望, 你們能夠幫助支持一個 強大且持續性的運動, 教育每個孩子 關於食物的知識, 激發家庭重拾烹飪的樂趣, 賦予各地的大眾能力 來一起對抗肥胖問題。

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