A.A. strengthens the Certification System to international standardisation via the collaboration with DIN.

The collaboration summit for DIN and A.A. took place in April 2019 in Berlin, and the A.A. Certification System would be strengthen under the bilateral cooperation framework in nearly future .

The meeting agenda focuses on two areas. One is the sharing regards ISO/TC 34 food product and ISO/TC 34/SC16 BIO, Organic regulations from DIN. The other is developing collaboration framework with DIN to strengthen A.A. Certification System for ensuring the global consumer’s right.

In an effort to clarify any possible misunderstanding regards the clean label movement in the international community and prevent more food fraud from being lured into commercial advertisement trap, Ms Angela Chen, the General Manager of A.A. pointed out that A.A. Certification System is an efficient monitor to ensure the consumer’s right.

By applying the world market standard, the food and beverage manufacturers could enjoy many economic advantages included reduced product liability risk, improved product safety and eventually removing technical barriers to trade throughout the world, like DIN’s initial mission and goal.

A.A. will continue to uphold its steadfast cooperation with its international allies.

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